The Designer

About me

If you’re anything like me, you want to know a bit about the artisan behind the piece you’ve carefully chosen. You want something different and handcrafted. You want something with value.

As a Peruvian jewelry designer, I’m very proud of my culture – I design organic and elegant pieces in silver. I was raised by a family who appreciates art and music – Dad used to take my brother and I to every museum in town, and that’s how my love affair with our pre-Columbian art began. Becoming smitten with music was thanks to dad’s boleros and tangos and mom’s bossa and Joan Baez.

Mom had an entire wall in her bedroom decorated by glorious amounts of necklaces, big, small and bright. Gazing at that wall fascinated me and I’ve loved jewelry ever since.

As with many local artisans who embarked on this journey, the artists who transform my designs into reality have learned the art of jewelry crafting from generation to generation and they do it with passion and extra attention and care to details. As Alida Joyas’ designs needs all of this: Passion. Detail. Care.

My motivation is to help you feel powerful and more balanced in your personal life, and I do this by designing unique jewelry that inspires you and speaks to your soul.

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